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Tax-incentive program yields promising inventions

OSU horticulture professor emeritus Les Fuchigami tests a prototype of the Ping Meter to check levels of nitrogen on grape vines.

Les Fuchigami

The device Les Fuchigami holds in his hands has generated a lot of interest from growers. With a simple click of the “Ping Meter,” the horticulture professor emeritus can measure the nitrogen and water content of a plant’s leaf, and compare the results to existing standards.

This instant information can help growers adjust fertilizer and irrigation plans to optimize the quality and yield of their plants. It’s a technology that is so exciting that Fuchigami receives calls every week from people checking on the meter’s progress.
- Link to entire press release on the Campaign for OSU  Website



Tax Incentive Program Funds Six Oregon State Research Projects 8-19-08

• The "Ping Meter" -- Invented by horticulture professor emeritus Les Fuchigami and former OSU doctoral student Pinghai Ding, the Ping Meter is a handheld tool equipped with GPS that can easily, instantly and non-destructively determine the chlorophyll, nitrogen and water content of plant leaves, and show the results in a color-coded map. The Ping Meter enables growers and researchers to monitor or "ping" plant health status more precisely than currently available equipment. This empowers growers to maximize their crop yield and quality while minimizing pollution of the environment and use of resources such as fertilizer and water. The venture fund grant will allow the researchers to fine tune the meter's functions, calibrating it to major crops and testing it in both the lab and the field.

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PPSI in OSU Winter 2008 Terra magazine
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Oregon State University Agricultural Research Foundation Annual Report '08 - PingMeter featured in Executive directors report - pages 3, 4