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A Revolutionary Easy-to-Use Tool for Mobile Asset Management 


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CropIQTM, ForestIQTM and PatrolIQTM:
The Precision Plant Systems "IQ" line of products are easy-to-use solutions for designing, scheduling, capturing and analyzing information about your fixed and mobile assets!  Click on our logos or brand names to go to our branded websites for information about our products, software and shopping.

All mobile asset management applications including crop management, utility, forestry assets, road/bridge assets, inspections, watershed, etc.

Use the Field Manager Program to input what assets you want observed, how you want the information captured (scale, number or note), and to deploy the scouting/patrol/cruising sessions to the Handheld field computers.

Use the Field Recorder Program on the ruggedized GPS-connected handheld to take GPS and Time-stamped information about the assets.

Use the Asset Analyst Program to store, analyze, visualize (via simple-to-use mapping technology) share and archive your asset information.

This Project was funded in part with Oregon State Lottery Funds administered by the Oregon Economic and Community Development Department

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